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Teaching at Admonter

We are always looking for motivated young people who want to become part of our company with passion and skill.

Admonter Holzindustrie AG has been training apprentices in many interesting fields for years. An average of 20 apprentices are trained in the company every year. After the LAP, we offer our apprentices career opportunities in the company and with our apprenticeship training we try to meet the need for skilled workers at Admonter.

This training has bright future prospects: the profession is more in demand than ever and offers a wide range of opportunities. Carpenters are not only talented craftsmen, but also enthusiastic designers, experts in design issues and partners of architects. The fascination of this craft lies in working with wood in combination with other modern materials - and not least in the unique experience of accompanying projects from the idea to completion.

Duration of training : 3 years

Vocational school: Fürstenfeld

Processing of round timber into sawn timber (posts, boards, squared timbers, staves and battens). After completing the sawing technology work, they ensure that the sawn timber is properly dried and stored. They operate and monitor the conveyor systems and production machines and carry out quality controls as well as surface treatments. Your main task is the control, monitoring and maintenance of our "production lines".

Duration of training: 3 years

Vocational school: Kuchl

Specializing in automation technology

Mechatronics engineers manufacture mechatronic components in machine, plant and device construction. They assemble mechanical, electrical / electronic, pneumatic / hydraulic and information technology parts to form mechatronic systems. You assemble the manufactured components and system parts, commission the systems and operate them. You will work with other specialists from the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and mechanical engineering in manufacturing and production halls.

Duration of training: 3.5 years

Vocational school: Eibiswald < / p>

Specializing in production

The main tasks in carpentry technology include the preparation of sketches and drawings of products and the selection of materials depending on the intended use. The production process is planned and monitored, computer-controlled machines are programmed and, if necessary, changes and adjustments are made to the settings. Machine and system maintenance as well as necessary repairs are also part of the tasks, as well as the functional and design testing of the finished products.

Duration of training: 4 years

Vocational school: Fürstenfeld

Specializing in plant and industrial engineering

Electrical engineers assemble, install, maintain and repair our electrical systems, machines and devices. You build electrical systems, write PLC programs, draw circuit diagrams and expand them if necessary. They maintain the electrical machines and devices used in the company and look after and monitor electronic control systems. Electrical engineers are responsible for all electrical and electronic work in the company.

Duration of training: 3.5 years

Vocational school: Eibiswald

Specializing in mechanical engineering

Everything here revolves around metals, machines and tools. Depending on the focus, the areas of responsibility range from the machining and processing of metals into components, through the design and manufacture of machines and tools, to the assembly, control and monitoring of automated production systems. They manufacture individual components and assemble them in the factory or on construction sites. You will work with hand tools and program and control computer-aided (CNC) machines.

Duration of training: 3.5 years

Vocational school: Knittelfeld

Industrial clerks carry out office, administrative and organizational activities in industrial companies in all areas of the economy. You are, for example, in the purchasing of raw materials, in material management (e.g. storage and shipping), in accounting (bookkeeping, cost accounting and invoicing), in the personnel area (personnel administration, payroll accounting) or in advertising.

Duration of training: 3 years

Vocational school: Mitterdorf / Mürz Valley

Specializing in IT technology

Set up electronic data processing devices and install, configure (adjust) them, test and maintain them. This mainly includes the hardware of computers and peripheral devices (e.g. printers, scanners, fax machines), operating systems, networks, interfaces, etc. You change hard drives, equip PCs with new processors and storage space and install software. You will work at different locations, e.g. in production facilities and offices. They read technical documents (often in English) and use special measuring and testing equipment. They also work with specialists from different areas of information and communication technology.

Duration of training: 3.5 years

Vocational school: Eibiswald

You benefit from this as an apprentice at Admonter


For Admonter, apprenticeship training has become an essential part of the company philosophy. Apprentices are the skilled labor capital of tomorrow and with the necessary commitment and specialist know-how, a contribution is made to keeping employee qualifications at a high level through tailor-made apprenticeship training.


If you graduate from vocational school with a "very good success" or a " good success ”, as well as those who have successfully completed the LAP, apprentices receive a one-time special payment from the company.


All apprentices who show willingness to perform and learn during their apprenticeship will be taken on after the apprenticeship has ended. An attempt is made to deploy the apprentices in the company according to their wishes and skills after they have been taken on.

Around 100 young people have so far completed an apprenticeship at Admonter, of which more than half are still employed as specialists. p>

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We offer you high-quality training in an international company

  • Apprenticeship in a modern, computer-aided work environment
  • learn and work in an experienced team
  • the latest apprenticeship workshops for the wood and technology sector with apprentice trainers assigned specifically for training < / li>
  • Practical training in the company from the 2nd year of apprenticeship with trained specialists
  • Many training and further education opportunities
  • Open, trustworthy interaction in the team and with the trainers
  • Apprentice academy (seminar series on soft skills over 3 years of apprenticeship)
  • Offers in the course of company health management (fruit, fitness and running events, preventive check-ups, etc.)
  • Presentation of the apprentices at school - and apprenticeship events
  • Participation in annual team building and apprentice excursion
  • Continuation of payment of apprentice compensation during vocational school time
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We are looking forward to your application

  • If you have successfully completed the 9th grade ...
  • If you are considering transferring from a higher school ...
  • If you already have the Matura and still aiming for an apprenticeship qualification ...
  • ... then you have come to the right place.

You would like to "sniff" with us or start an apprenticeship - we would like to Definitely get to know you.

Then send us the following documents:
Letter of motivation, curriculum vitae with photo and the latest, current certificate! Whether you bring your documents to us personally or send them to us by email or post, we will be happy to leave it to you!

Please send your application to:

Admonter Holzindustrie AG
zH Ms. Sabine Stachl, MA
Sägestraße 539, 8911 Admont
Tel: +43 3613 / 3350-221

Information on working hours.

Daily working time for apprentices in the production area under 18 years of age.

  • 6:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • 7.7 hours of daily working hours
  • Our general works agreement applies to apprentices aged 18 and over.
  • Daily working hours for apprentices in the office area under 18:
  • 7:20 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm until 4:00 p.m.
  • The working hours can be arranged flexibly up to 38.5 hours / week.
  • For apprentices from the age of 18, our general works agreement applies.
  • If another normal daily working time is allocated, A declaration of consent from the legal guardian must be brought with you.
  • For apprentices who do not come from our immediate vicinity, we comply with the available transport connections for working hours!

Teaching for adults is very important at Admonter.

We offer an interesting option for interested adults who would like to start again with an apprenticeship at Admonter - namely the adult apprenticeship. For people who have several years of professional experience, the recognition of professional skills shortens the path to an apprenticeship qualification. An increased apprenticeship allowance is also offered to help the adult apprentice financially during the apprenticeship. This means that assistants, school dropouts, high school graduates and lateral entrants can also become skilled workers at Admonter!
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Nill Daniel, adult apprenticeship as a wood technician

“I started as a production employee at Admonter. I was very enthusiastic about the various systems and their functions. After talking to my shift supervisor about further training opportunities, he advised me to learn to be a wood technician. After more intensive discussions with our HR manager, the Admonter company was very helpful to me and I am glad that I got the chance for a second training. The training path is very extensive, starting with wood drying, thermal treatment and smoking. Another important point is the maintenance of the tools. You also get to know the different types of wood and their classifications and grades. I am happy to have found my calling here. In the meantime I have successfully completed my apprenticeship and started a job as a trained machinist. ”