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Loving Nature

Naturality and sustainability are prerequisites for the selection of Admonter raw materials.


The "Programme for the Endorsemenst of Forest Certification Schemes" (PEFC) is the proof that the wood and deriving products from it originate from sustainably managed forests. It is one of the most important wood certification systems in the world and ensures the preservation of our forests with their diverse functions for future generations. (see www. pefc. at). If you choose Admonter, you also choose nature. And that in every respect.
Nachhaltiges Energiekonzept


Energy is precious – during the production process wood residues will occur which cannot be used as product anymore. These residues will end in the company's own heating plant in order to produce energy. This energy supplies the entire office and factory premises of Admonter Holzindustrie and with the connection to the local district heating network also the entire Benedictine monastery of Admont (www.stiftadmont.at) and approx. 200 households can be reached. Recycling management - In recent years Admonter has focussed on waste recovery and prevention. Energy management - The optimisation of the compressed air and energy supply, the erection of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the production halls or the conversion of the lighting into LED technology are just some of Admonter's energy efficiency measures.
EPD Verifikation


In addition to certifications and approvals, companies are free to create a so-called “Environmental Product Declaration” (EPD). The EPD is a neutral tool for communicating the environmental properties of a product. An EPD documents the environmental performance over the product lifecycle as an “ecological footprint” – based on an eco-assessment. The programme holder of our EPD is the German Institute for Construction and the Environment (IBU).

Nobody’s perfect – we aren’t either

Yet, we are constantly improving ourselves every day! Many of these ecological topics are currently not legally binding. However, we take the responsibility for leaving an ecological footprint as small as possible. More detailed information on Admonter’s contribution to sustainability and ecology can be found in the Admonter EPD folder “Ecology and Sustainability Data | Facts”
EPD Folder