Training center Going

Project owner: Municipality of Going am Wilden Kaiser Architect: FIRN architects, in co-operation with DI Andreas Mitterer ZT GmbH Assembly: Perchtold Trockenbau GmbH
Products employed: 410 m2 Acoustic Premium Spruce Alba, 230 m2 Acoustic Linear Spruce Alba In the process of building a new educational centre in the community of Going the local elementary school has been renovated and modernized, too. This modernization included the redesign of music and function rooms where walls and ceilings have been clad with approx. 640 sqm of Admonter’s acoustic elements. The project was completed in August 2019 and, thanks to the good co-operation with Going’s mayor, the elementary school was ready to open in time for the beginning of the new school year. The first comments on the part of the project owner and the architects have been very favourable, also the first steps towards a participation in the Architectural Contest have been taken. FIND YOUR ADMONTER PARTNER 360° VR-TOOL