boden nahaufnahme

Understated timeless

The advantages of natural wood are exceptionally long-lasting. The benefits start with the visual impact and the way in which we experience wood as a material. Where Admonter is concerned, however, there are some additional sound arguments.

The question of which of our senses responds most strongly to Admonter products is an easy one to answer: all of them!

Admonter products provide other benefits in addition to the elemental preference for a sensuous, living material: the unspoiled natural location from which our timber originates, our sustainable forestry management system, our manual quality control procedures and our timeless designs that create ambience wherever they are used.
Ecology & sustainability


We have been dealing with wood in this region for almost 1,000 YEARS. Its eternal beauty and originality have inspired our craft ever since.
IIt is important to us that we source our wood exclusively from SUS-TAINABLY managed forests and ensure a working environment based on RESPECT – both for our forests and those we work with.
For us, QUALITY and TRUST must come first and we strive for this to be the most natural thing in the world.Qualität und Vertrauen werden damit zur natürlichsten Sache der Welt.

Admonter Markenkernwerte

... all from a single souce.

Floor, ceiling, wall, stairs, furniture, door and acoustic elements. Harmonised, in contrast or a mosaic from many design elements. The Admonter range allows you to draw from the full source of inspiration.

... design with wood.

Admonter offers everything – both inside and outside the mainstream. Short or long, narrow or wide, in neat rows or in creative patterns. Individuality is part of our DNA.

... multilayered texture.

This makes all Admonter products so stable and resistant to warping.

... ora et labora et lege

Admonter Holzindustrie AG is a subsidiary of the Admont Abbey and lives up to its responsibility as a company that has grown for around 1,000 years.

... naturalness and sustainability.

All Admonter products are PEFC and EPD certified. Admonter is one of the pioneers in the area of climate and environmental protection.

... team.

In Admont, around 300 people work daily to make the most out of the wood as raw material and so create the Admonter products in the quality that they are known for internationally.

... earnest.

Nature is unpretentious, authentic and honest. At Admonter, we want to preserve this honesty and bring it into your home. Without some magic formula, but with a lot of flair for the craft and attention to detail.

... regionality.

An Admonter product is 100% produced in Admont. Only in Admont. Period.


Environmentally friendly production.

The Austrian Ecolabel guarantees the health and environmental safety of our products.

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For nature’s sake.

The wood used to manufacture an Admonter product comes exclusively from forests where sustainable forestry is practised.

Sentinel Haus

Listing in the building directory healthier buildings.

This list includes only products that have passed rigorous emissions testing and raw material analysis.


EPD certified

The creation of an “Environmental Product Declaration” (EPD) is available to every company free. An EPD documents the environmental performance over the product life cycle “ecological footprint” – based on a life cycle assessment.

Ecological value chain

More than 70% of the wood used comes from regional Austrian forestry operations with guaranteed sustainability and short transport route.


Database for sustainable construction and renovation

Admonter is listed in the Baubook register. This is an online database for energy-efficient and ecological construction to support sustainable construction projects and healthy living.


EU-compliant safety

With the CE mark, Admonter demonstrates that all products comply with the basic safety and health directives of the European Economic Area.

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Full-service supplier for interior design

Admonter offers unlimited design options for floor, walls and ceilings as well as for standalone furniture made of natural wood products.

For special demands

For fire behaviour, Admonter is primarily classified in Euroclass Cfl-s1 according to ÖNORM EN 13501-1:2007. Valuable for special demands to the property.


Exclusively produced in Admont

Our production and finishing are done exclusively in Admont to ensure the high quality of the products and the work of our employees. Now and in the future.

30 Jahre Garantie

30-years warranty

We guarantee everything we are responsible for for 30 years. More specifically: on hidden defects of the floor due to material and production defects.

Admonter Doors Türe

Price-performance ratio

The products are available for different price segments without compromising on quality.

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Real Wood is an initiative of FEP.

FEP reunites European parquet manufacturers, national parquet federations and suppliers to the industry. It is the main body representing and defending the interests of the European parquet industries at all relevant levels.