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Naturality and sustainability are prerequisites for the selection of Admonter raw materials.

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Stable structures, durable products. Here one leads to another.

As an Admonter, we are a business of the local Benedictine monastery. We manufacture natural wood floors, slabs, stairs, wall and ceiling cladding, acoustic panels and interior doors - all made of high-quality real wood. Our natural wood products have made a special for themselves: Admonter. This name is both an indication of origin and an obligation. It guarantees exclusive production on site. This ensures the high quality of the products and the well-being of a region.

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Everyone's talking about it, but Admonter has it. With our VIRTUAL REALITY tools, you can easily "install" the right floor from home before actually buying it.
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With the visualization program, Admonter natural wood floors can be laid and compared in a very true-to-life manner in different living situations. 

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Admonter Showrooms



To name but a few: Oak, Larch or Walnut. This is because we fully trust in nature’s creative talents, in her harmonious and unique grains and patterns, in her wide spectrum of colours and in her talent for creating great atmospheric effects.

Admonter Elements Wand & Decke

Architects at Admonter

Growing up in or around Admont makes it somewhat inevitable that you become a bit of a nature-lover. The surrounding mountains and forests quite simply begin to mould you. Of course, there are now many people worldwide that are thrilled that we can live out our enthusiasm for nature by channelling it into the creation of highly-refi ned natural wood products for sophisticated interiors.

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Pure Inspiration

See here a selection of references. Let yourself be inspired! We would be delighted if we inspired you for natural Admonter products.

Hotels Langwies, Austria

FLOORs: Oak Marshall alpine

Hotel Heislerhof, Österreich

ELEMENTs: Reclaimed wood, sunburned, brushed

Hotel Felsenhof Flachau

FLOORs: Oak twin basic

Private house, larch naturelle, Austria

FLOORs: Larch natural Copyright: M3-ZT Architekten: M3-ZT

Private house, Oak Lapis rustic alpin, Austria

FLOORs: Oak Lapis rustic alpine STAIRs: Oak Lapis rustic alpine DOORs: Oak Lapis rustic alpine Copyright: M3-ZT Architekten: M3-ZT