An abbey of international importance

Admont Abbey was founded almost 1000 years ago and successfully withstood turbulent periods in the region's history.

Views of the Abbey

In the year 1074 Benedictine monks from Salzburg founded their own abbey in Admont in the Austrian region of Styria. Although the Abbey has undergone a number of changes through the centuries, it still stands in the same location to this day. Framed by high mountains and visible from afar, the Abbey receives some 80,000 visitors every year who come to see its unique library and museums.


The 70-metre-long Admont Abbey library, which is undoubtedly the Abbey's main attraction, is the largest monastery library in the world and features flamboyant ceiling frescoes, wooden sculptures and gold busts. There is also a stunning multimedia presentation of the Abbey as well as an impressive museum of contemporary art on the site.

Admont Abbey

abbot Mag. Gerhard Hafner

The 68th Abbot of the Benedictine Admont Abbey was born on October 19, 1964 in Trieben. After attending elementary school there, he later went to attend the grammar school in Admont. In 1983 he entered the seminary in Graz. He has been working at Admont Abbey since 1994. Mag. Gerhard Hafner has been the new abbot of the abbey since January 21, 2017.