Stable in value

Admonter manages its affairs in moderation. Since 1972

Durable grains, products with a long service life. Here at Admonter progression is the key.

Admonter came into being over four decades ago. One could make an argument for centuries rather than decades. The area surrounding Admont is well wooded, and timber has in fact been processed here since time immemorial. Since 1874 timber processing has been carried out here on an industrial basis. And Stift Admont Holzindustrie (abbreviated to STIA) has been operating here since 1972. Admonter is a commercial operation linked with the local Benedictine abbey. We produce natural wood floors, panels and staircases, and these products of ours have made quite a name for themselves. Admonter. This name is at the same time an acknowledgement of where we come from and a commitment. It guarantees that all our production is carried out on site here. This ensures the high quality of our products and also the wellbeing of the region. This keeps alive an understanding of craftsmanship that has grown from one generation to the next, and also develops it further. The long-term philosophy of the Benedictine community comes into play in two respects. In economic as well as ecological terms. Our customers have the certainty that comes with our PEFC certification: All the wood that we process originates from sustainably managed forests.

Company Mission Statement

We are proud of our 1000-year Christian/social tradition. We strive to maintain this tradition. It accompanies us on our path into the modern world. We are well aware of our responsibility towards our employees and our partners. Our interactions with them are open and honest. In our dealings with business partners our primary focus is on developing long-term relationships that are based on trust and equality. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We strive to communicate in a friendly and efficient manner based on mutual respect. All relevant individuals or bodies are included in decision-making processes. Naturalness and sustainability are prerequisites when it comes to selecting the raw materials from which we produce our premium quality products.

Company timeline

Company founded: 1972


Owner: Benediktinerstift Admont


Board of director: Gerhard Eckhart


Employees: ca. 280


Turnover: 56 Mio. € (2020)


Products: Single plank systems with an eco finish and natural wood panels


Brand: Admonter


Markets: Percentage of products exported: 70%, Primary markets: Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland


Customer base: wholesalers; architects and designers

A site whose resistance to change is second to none.

The Benedictine Admont Abbey has stood here for almost a thousand years now. And it was the Benedictines, too, who in 1972 founded the timber processing operation Stift Admont (Stia for short), which is the company behind the brand Admonter. To this day the Benedictines continue as owners of the company. Rock-solid management is a matter of course for the Benedictine community. This situation provides the maximum possible stability both for the people working here and for the products they make.