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We grow up surrounded by wood.

Growing up in or around Admont makes it somewhat inevitable that you become a bit of a nature-lover. The surrounding mountains and forests quite simply begin to mould you. Of course, there are now many people worldwide that are thrilled that we can live out our enthusiasm for nature by channelling it into the creation of highly-refined natural wood products for sophisticated interiors.

Calculation-Tool ACOUSTICs

Admonter calculation-tool ACOUSTICs


Architects' materials

The Admonter product range enables a wide variety of total room concepts.

Architects' materials
Architektenbox offen befuellt scaled

Architect box

See, smell and feel Admonter natural wood. Sometimes it happens that it is difficult to imagine a certain color or structure. With the architect box we leave nothing to be desired. We deliver the piece of wood you want directly to your home.

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Admonter VRtool

In a virtual livingroom-kitchen, 12 different natural wood floors can be installed with a mouse click. This allows the room to appear in different moods and provides a lifelike experience.

Admonter Fichte Premium

Virtual living worlds with ARtool

With the visualization program, Admonter natural wood floors can be laid and compared in a very true-to-life manner in different living situations.

Virtual living worlds


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See what is possible with Admonter. We are pleased about every use of our products.

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